You can't change your genes, but knowing your own blueprint can help determine what diet and lifestyle can best support optimal gene expression.  Our consultation will go over your genetic report section by section to formulate the best plan for you, including food, nutrient and further testing recommendations. 

This appointment is $199 plus the cost of testing. 

You must have your genetic test results before our consultation (see below how).


For the genetic nutrition consultation, you will need to choose one of the following:



You will order your kit directly to your home, perform the mouth-swab test, and mail it directly to the lab.  You will receive the results of the test that we will use in our consultation (turn around time is 5 weeks for results). 

I HAVE 23andME DATA: $99

If you already have raw data from 23andMe that was processed BEFORE AUGUST 17, 2017 (not CHIP5 version), you can upload your raw data to Nutrition Genome and they can use it to generate the same report.  Any 23andMe purchased after this date will not work.

Reports Include:

  • 91 clinically relevant genes to illuminate "the why's" behind imbalance and provide a framework to turn genetic weaknesses into strengths through strategic modifications to diet, lifestyle, and environment.

  • A digital 60+ page genetic analysis 

  • A personal dashboard that is continually updated with new genes, research, and health report features

  • A custom grocery list based on a combination of gene variants, enabling you to customize your diet based on your highest vitamin, mineral and compound needs

  • Foods, chemicals, toxins, and additives that are most important for you to avoid

  • Recommend blood work

  • In depth analysis of Digestion, Methylation, Hormone Health,Mental Health, Inflammation & Antioxidant Protection, Detoxification (Drug & Toxin Sensitivity), DNA Protection / Repair, and Cardiovascular Health & Athletic Performance

  • See a sample report


If you have already done genetic testing with either 23andMe or (any version), you will need to download your raw data from your account with them.  Once you have this, Stacey will send you a request to upload your data directly to the puregenomics portal.  We will use the nutritional interpretation during our session.  This report is much less comprehensive than the Nutrition Genome Report and will NOT include any food guides, grocery lists or lifestyle recommendations.  It will analyze the following:

  • Detoxification and Methylation (including MTHFR)

  • How the body effectively converts vitamins to their active forms (B12, Vitamins A, D, C)

  • Antioxidant and cellular defense

  • Mental health and memory

  • Glucose homeostasis & metabolism

  • Cardiovascular markers

  • GI health

  • Athletic and fitness training

Nutrition is Medicine

The science of health is now coming into its own with the completion of the human genome and the confirmation of biochemical individuality. The study of how different nutrients and diet can influence health and disease by influencing gene expression in the field of nutrigenomics. Our genetics determine our biochemical nutritional requirements, which can greatly vary from individual to individual. Depending on one’s genetic make-up, high-dose vitamin therapy may be necessary at doses perhaps hundreds of times the normal dietary reference intake (DRI).

High-quality dietary nutrients can alter the way our genes do their job while insufficient nutrient-intake due to a poor diet can be a serious risk factor for a number of diseases. Some diet-regulated genes likely play a role in chronic disease onset, incidence, progression, and severity.

The degree to which diet influences health may depend on an individual’s genetic makeup. Dietary intervention based on knowledge of an individual’s nutritional requirements and genotype can be used to prevent, mitigate, or cure chronic disease.


There is growing evidence that certain nutrients may help alleviate pain. One of these is DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which may heal damaged nerves. DHA is a specific component in certain essential fatty acids and “is especially abundant in and crucial for the function of normal nervous tissue.” Medical literature that focuses on the influence of certain nutrients on physiological processes in the body, combined with individual testing to determine a person’s unique nutritional requirements, will lead to a transformation in the way chronic diseases (including many types of chronic pain) are being treated.

Part of the overall scheme of becoming whole is to critically assess what comes into our body and make choices that optimize what foods and nutrients are most likely to heal tissues and restore function. It may seem surprising that what most of us intuitively believe to be the answer to our health problems (but we ignore in favor of the diagnose-disease-treat paradigm), research is now proving to be the case: that a healthy diet, exercise, stress reduction, and an active lifestyle can restore health, even for the most unhealthy people.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change

From Pain To Wellness LLC provides therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) education.

It has been our experience that those who truly embrace TLC do so once they’ve grasped the science behind it.

Those who are successful in making permanent behavioral and dietary modifications are able to see, feel and explain the causes of their incredible results.

Patients who follow our nutritional advice achieve life-changing results.

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