Feeling Blue?

Feeling overly blue, or that you just can’t get a grip on your anxiety?

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million Americans over the age of 18 are affected by anxiety, and more than 15 million American adults are affected by depression. More and more children are also being diagnosed which is raising flags among nutritionists who worry the Standard American Diet has something to do with it.

While doctors claim that these disorders are highly treatable, most are quick to prescribe medications without first looking to the root cause of the issue. They develop from a complex set of risk factors, with genetics, brain chemistry and gut health all inter-playing. All three are tremendously effected by our diet and lifestyle choices because our bodies are dependent on specific nutrients – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants – to form neurotransmitters and have them function properly. Without these nutrients we are left feeling blue, tired, and stressed out. What’s worse is that often the medications prescribed to help with mental health disorders deplete key nutrients that cause the disorder in the first place. This leaves us in a vicious cycle of finding the best course of action, while at the same time feeling helpless and needing more medication.

With the advancement of laboratory testing, we are now able to uncover true cellular deficiencies. Many doctors often run serum blood tests for folate, vitamin B12 and magnesium. All three of which are critical for mental health processes in the body. But the problem is that the body strictly regulates the amount of nutrients in the blood – often giving us “in range” results with serum testing. Where we really need to measure is inside the cells where the nutrients need to be, where reactions happen that matter. If nutrients aren’t getting from the blood into the cells then we have a major problem, and testing serum levels of vitamins doesn’t help us in our detective work.

Additionally with the advancements of genetic testing, we now can access information about how our bodies process vitamins and minerals that are critical to neurotransmitter production and detoxification. If you have a genetic defect that prohibits one or more nutrients from performing correctly in the body (like the MTHFR or COMT mutations), then symptoms manifest.

At MicroFUEL, we know that cellular health is at the forefront of optimal health. We work with you to identify your nutrient deficiencies, address genetic mutations, and restore optimal function of your cells by creating a nutritional restoration program completely individualized just to you. In the end this takes the guess work out of what supplements are right for you, and let's you put your money where the deficiencies are!

Feeling blue or anxious? Start with feeding your cells. Test, don't guess!


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